More Information about Less Tab Pop-up Virus

Less Tab Pop-up is not a reliable browser extension but a creepy adware infection that is used by cyber criminals to make money illegally. This infection is really dangerous and it is capable of attacking all popular web browsers, including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. You are likely to get infected with it via spam e-mails, corrupt websites and freeware installation packages. Once you execute those infected files, Less Tab Pop-up can automatically append itself to your web browser as a plugin and then quickly begin its malicious activities. First of all, Less Tab Pop-up keeps showing up every time you boot up the web browser or click a new link, along with a great number of advertisements. Secondly, to deceive you, Less Tab Pop-up pretends to be a toolbar that can help you have a better browsing experience. However, what Less Tab Pop-up actually does is redirecting you to unwanted websites, as well as tracking your browsing history/interest. What’s more, there will be many strange icons appearing on your desktop. You can’t delete them until you find out the corresponding malware installed by Less Tab Pop-up. Owing to Less Tab Pop-up, there is no doubt that you will meet with a series of PC malfunctions, such as BSOD, snail-like running speed, poor system performance and so on. Besides, if you don’t take Less Tab Pop-up seriously and leave it alone, it will do more harm to you.

For example, it steals your confidential information and sends the data to hackers, by which hackers can transfer money from your accounts or expose your privacy to the public. In a word, no matter how attractive Less Tab Pop-up looks like, once it is found in your system, you’re supposed to uninstall it as quickly as possible.

Less Tab Pop-up Virus Screen Shot

Harmful Features of Less Tab Pop-up Virus

1. Its online reputation is really bad.
2. It is installed without your knowledge.
3. It is able to hijack and redirect your browser.
4. It displays annoying pop-ups advertisements/fake security alerts.
5. It steals your privacy and spy on your surfing activities.
6. It corrupts the registry entries and damages system files.
7. It slows down computer running speed.

How to Remove Less Tab Pop-up Virus Manually

Run Registry editor and delete the associated registry files:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\virus _is1
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Less Tab Pop-up ”

Delete the associated files:

%Documents and Settings%\[User Name]\Local Settings\Temp\teb5.tmp
%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\[random]\[random]sysguard.exe

Please, note that manual removal of Less Tab Pop-up virus is a cumbersome procedure and could not always ensure a complete removal of Less Tab Pop-up virus, owing to the fact that some components may be hidden or might get reanimated automatically after unfinished removal. Furthermore, lack of the proper skills and even the slightest deviation from the removal tutorial may cause irreparable system instability. That’s why it’s strongly recommended automatic removal of Less Tab Pop-up virus, which can save your trouble and avoid any system malfunctions and guarantee the needed result.

Automatic Less Tab Pop-up virus Removal:

Step 2: Download the trusted Trojan horse Less Tab Pop-up virus Automatic Remover, install the program and update its signature to the latest version. After that, reboot your machine in order to allow Less Tab Pop-up virus Automatic Remover entirely functional. Repeat Step 1 into “Safe Mode with Networking” and start a Full Scan of your whole system so that Less Tab Pop-up virus Automatic Remover can catch all hidden malware in your PC.

Tips: If you have difficulty installing the automatic remover, please download this correction script, unzip it and then double click to execute it. It can correct your registry configurations that the malware has altered. Then double click Less Tab Pop-up virus Automatic Remover Setup file and complete the installation.

Step 3: After the Full Scan finishes, click on the detected malware to check that your important files are not contaminated and deleted by mistake. Ignore or select detected items and remove the malware. Reboot your machine and let Less Tab Pop-up virus Automatic Remover remove all detected malware.