Get Rid of Virus & Fix Redirect Description: is a vicious browser hijacker virus which is closely related to Trojan horses. When it sneaks into your machine, it will always redirect your search results to its vicious web page and help attackers gain illegal fortune. Similar to virus and virus, virus corrupts your machine when you are installing malicious programs containing malicious scripts. In addition to the above nasty tactics, malware will infect your system registry, change default browser settings and corrupt computer files. What’s worse, your computer will be attacked easily by more threats like Trojan horses and adware programs. It is not advisable for you to allow virus to stay inside, for it will exploit nasty tactics to record your browser history and steal your personl information. This malware is an extremely annoying infection which is used to convince victims to use its web page. In conclusion, is a hazardous hijacker which must be deleted at once. Read more-->

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