Description is regarded as a browser hijacker. Usually, it is distributed to computers via malicious software and Trojan horses. After it gets into your PC, this browser hijacker will show up as a search engine on your browser. If you use this fake search engine to look for search results, you will find that the search results often contain text-links and advertisements. The use of is to display ads and promote sponsored websites. That is to say, this browser hijacker will prevent you from visiting normal websites. Each time you surf online, this browser hijacker will utilize suspicious information to cheat you into specific websites. If you want to fix your browser and remove, please read the following removal guide. virus screenshot

Mystartsearch virus is a trouble for users:

1. It gets into computers without users’ permission;
2. It forcibly changes browser settings like homepage and search engine;
3. It displays various suspicious web portals and pop-up banners;
4. It inserts ads and links into search results to damage users’ activities;
5. It checks browser histories and database for stealing users’ crucial information.

Method 1: Automatically Remove Virus

Before manual removal, you will need to back up the crucial system files. That way, you can make use of the back-up to restore the PC to the original status if mistakes appear in this process. If you worry about that this virus comes back, you can use this powerful and trustworthy Automatic Virus Remover to help you fully detect and remove all files and folders of virus in the registry and hard disk.

Method 2: Manually Remove Virus

This instruction shows that how to delete virus and additional unwanted programs from PCs and browsers. To remove this virus, you will also need to make modifications to browser configuration and related system files. So you should perform all steps in the correct order.

Uninstall unwanted programs and toolbars associated with virus

1. Head to Control Panel, look at the Programs section and click Uninstall a program.

2. Find out anything related to virus and remove them.

Get Rid of virus from IE, Chrome and Firefox

Internet Explorer

1. Open IE, open Tools menu and click Internet Options.

2. In General tab, remove and type the Web page address that you want for your home page in the Address box.

3. Click OK button to save the changes.

Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome, click on the Chrome menu “” in the top-right corner.

2. Select Settings. Under Appearance and check the box Show Home button.

3. Click the link Change to remove and reset a new homepage.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click the Firefox button ““, select Options and then choose the General panel.

2. In the Startup section, click Restore to Default button under Home Page:

3. Click OK button to close the Options window.

Delete the registry files of virus

1. Hit Win and R keys to open Run box.

2. Type into regedit to access Registry Editor.

3. Modify the registry files as below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain\Start Page

Delete the files and folders of virus

%AllUsersProfile%Application Datarandom.exe

Note: It’s known to all, spyware and malware alter and disort system registry and paralyze the machine functioning so that the machine will not perform normally. Even if the spyware and malware are deleted, system registry stays still distorted or altered. Hence, your machine still has problems. That’s the very reason why to repair system registry. If you would like to avoid any system malfunctions and guarantee the needed result, please use the following Automatic Virus Remover to help you.