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Uninstall/Remove Windows Cleaner Virus Completely

Windows Cleaner Virus Description:

According to the infection symptoms, Windows Cleaner has been categorized as a kind of rogue antivirus malware. After invasion, this virus will pretend to have security scan and then claim there are lots of threats in your system. Then, you will be scared and want to use it to eliminate the viruses. While, when you run Windows Cleaner, it tells you that the version you are using is the trial one, so that it can’t remove those infections completely. And to kill all viruses and prevent other malware, you need to buy the activation number. However, in fact, you need to know that the biggest threat is Windows Cleaner virus itself. Those viruses alerts are all fake and aim to threaten you. If you unfortunately pay the money, the real infection will not disappear. What Windows Cleaner virus does is staying in your system and doing other evil things. On one hand, Windows Cleaner virus can severely compromise your system. It alters system settings, modifies registry entries, deletes important system files and exploits security loopholes. As a result, your PC will get in a more terrible situation and sooner or later, it will completely break down. On the other hand, Windows Cleaner virus can spy on your surfing activities and steal confidential information. That is to say, your privacy is not safe any more, and when hackers get the stolen information, they probably do more evil things to satisfy their own desire. So, for the good of yourself, before Windows Cleaner virus causes greater damage, you should take immediate action to get rid of it.
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How to Fix System message-Sector Not Found Error Virus

System message-Sector Not Found Description:

If your computer is constantly receiving endless error message like “System message-Sector Not Found”, please be careful that your computer has been contaminated by a nasty fake HDD software known as System Repair virus. Its error message looks very trustworthy and easily makes people believe that the error message is sent from your Windows system. That’s why many computer users fall for its trap and click on its misleading alert. What’s more, System Repair virus that displays System message-Sector Not Found error also makes many changes to your computer and make you think that your computer is really in trouble and needs immediate repair. And this fake HDD software has added its startup item to your system so as to make it launch every time your computer starts. As a result, your computer may run very slowly and even freeze sometimes. This virus gets inside by various means, such as malicious websites, free software, backdoor Trojans and so on. If you click on System message-Sector Not Found message, you will be redirected to its alleged “official” website and recommended to purchase System Repair that is said to be able to fix your computer errors. Please do not be cheated by its misleading error.
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Fix Windows-Read error Exception Processing Message

Windows-Read error Exception Processing Message Description:

Do you keep receiving an error message telling that “Windows – Read error Exception Processing Message 0xC0000029 Parameters 0x7C800023 0x000000BE 0x7C800784 0x7C8002E1” ? If so, it’s sad to tell you that your computer has been infected with a notorious fake system optimization software called System Repair virus that is known as a fake HDD software. System Repair virus is a clone of Smart HDD virus that also caused a large number of infections around the world. System Repair virus breaks in the computer secretly by hiding in Trojan downloaders, malicious P2P sharing files, email attachments and so on. When active in a computer, this malware deliberately slows down your PC speed and triggers many scary error messages. On the other hand, System Repair appears to be a powerful system optimization tool that claims to be able to fix all kinds of Windows errors and defrag the hard drive. And this “Windows – Read error Exception Processing Message” is one of the error messages it triggers. Please do not be cheated by its trick. Your system is quite healthy without System Repair virus. Therefore, you need to detect and remove System Repair virus for good.
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How to Uninstall Smart HDD Malware

Smart HDD Information:

Smart HDD, also can be written as S.M.A.R.T HDD, S.M.A.R.T Repair, and S.M.A.R.T. Check, is a real malware which can cheat people of many things. It is spread online by hackers and assisted with Trojans. And it has many counterparts, including System Check and System Fix virus. At the start of this nightmare, Smart HDD and Trojans enter in your system through some backdoors of your PC and this happen secretly even your antivirus software cannot stop them. Then it adds some codes to your Registry to make sure every time you reboot your system it can be activated. After the preparing work is done, Smart HDD pretends to be a virus scanner. It informs you that there are many digital parasites in your system. You must be shocked by the listed names of viruses, worms, adware and so on. In fact, they are not really there. Why does Smart HDD mislead you about your computer security? Let’s take a look at the virus warning, many users will feel panic about their PCs and some of them seek help from Smart HDD. It tells people that only you purchase its commercial version can you solve your problems. So you know that your money is the final goal of Smart HDD. According to Smart HDD you have to pay money for solving some inexistent problems.
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How to Uninstall Smart Fortress 2012 Malware

Smart Fortress 2012 Description:

Since Smart Fortress 2012 is a member of malware family. We have analyzed many of its clones before, including Security Shield 2011 and Smart Protection 2012 which cheated many people and made the compromised PC a mass. Now Smart Fortress 2012 has spread through the Internet, you should know about how it enters your computer and how to prevent more loss. This post is about these questions. Experts state that Smart Fortress 2012 was designed to work with Trojans. So it can inject in your PC through some backdoors without your consciousness. The first step is modifying your Windows registry, so you will find there is something wrong. Then Smart Fortress 2012 will pretend to be an effective antivirus application and scan your machine. From the feedback reports, Smart Fortress 2012 claims your PC is full of adware, backdoors, trojans and so on. Many people are frigntened by the endless security warnings and seek help from Smart Fortress 2012. That’s what exactly the hackers want. They will suggest you purchase their commercial version and as if you pay your money and your computer can restore to a be perfect one.
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How to Uninstall Windows Telemetry Center Malware

Windows Telemetry Center Description:

Windows Telemetry Center is spiteful application which is created by cyber criminals to fool you money. In addition, Windows Telemetry Center is a member of the notorious rogue clan that installs and distributes many samples of rogueware, including Windows Smart Partner and Windows Smart Warden Malware. Once inside, Windows Telemetry Center will warn users of the existence of some suspicious items which only can be deleted by using itself. However, Windows Telemetry Center can not provide any reliable support for the protection of users’ PCs. In addition, Windows Telemetry Center has no relationship with the legal security programs and is extremely useless in terms of resolving computer problems. However, it will continuously interrupt victims with tons of false virus scans and show countless safety alerts of the detected threats. No matter you decide to use this parasite or simply ignore what it has mentioned, in reality, your machine will always be at great risk. Windows Telemetry Center will not stop destroying your computer unless you remove it. This malware is incompetent in tackling any system troubles and what it can do is to produce great harm to the affected PC. When inside, it will immediately begin to link the host machine to malicious host and drop various vile components without any permission.
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How to Uninstall Security Shield 2012 Malware

Security Shield 2012 Description:

Security Shield 2012 once again proves that the rogue security tool and associated Trojans are occupying the whole badware industry and spreading all over the world. In fact, Security Shield 2012 performs similarly as Security Shield 2011 and Smart Protection 2012 virus. Security Shield 2012 makes use of various misleading strategies to make some fake warnings and threaten gullible victims to buy its upgraded version. The installation of Security Shield 2012 owes to the help of its affiliated Trojan horse, because it can enter into the system without users’ awareness and do harm to the computer secretly. As soon as entering your Operating System thru backdoors exploited by its Trojan, Security Shield 2012 will perform its deceitful activities and show a lot of fake popup threatening you. If you believe this scamware and do what it suggests you, you will lose some of your money, because it will cheat you to pay for its commercial copy. Therefore, you will both get your money lost and your computer poorly infected, with the system performance and surfing speed slowing down.
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How to Uninstall Windows Smart Partner Malware

Windows Smart Partner Description:

Have you ever come across a malware named Windows Smart Partner on your system? It will attack your computer’s function and mine your privacy. That’s because Windows Smart Partner is a false anti-virus software which targets on persuading you to purchase its worthless full version. Windows Smart Partner comes from a disgusting rogue clan as Windows Smart Warden and Windows Functionality Checker Malware that have been spreading for a period of time. You can find that they look like each other in many aspects. As soon as Windows Smart Partner is inside the system, it distributes its files all over the registry and system directories in order to attack and control your system in all aspects. The ways Windows Smart Partner uses to make profit are similar to that of other rogue counterparts. Besides, a lot of fake popup which claim some threats existing in the system will come to you. Windows Smart Partner keeps promoting its license copy to you and make you believe buying its full version can help you delete those threats. Meanwhile, you may find you have difficulty in using your browsers due to its interference.
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How to Uninstall Windows Smart Warden Malware

Windows Smart Warden Description:

There is a malicious badware named Windows Smart Warden, which brings your PC with harmful damages and longing for your money. Windows Smart Warden focuses on ripping off computer users as its predecessors Windows Functionality Checker and Windows Performance Catalyst Malware which come from the same rogue family. The Trojan that assists in Windows Smart Warden can break down the computer security through downloading some malicious components into the computer. Then those components can make up in the shape of Windows Smart Warden. In order to take control of your system, Windows Smart Warden first makes some changes to system registry and makes its executables run every time you turn on your machine. This can help Windows Smart Warden successfully launch its malignant plan. According to its plan, it will run a false scanner to scan the system to find out any hidden threats of the computer. Certainly, many issues will be listed in its report finally. Its goal is to inform that the system is in serious danger. Afterward, Windows Smart Warden will advise you to get a licensed copy and deal with the problems inside. This is certainly the most important step of its trick. In fact, that’s the very reason for the presence of Windows Smart Warden.
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How to Uninstall Strong Malware Defender Malware

Strong Malware Defender Description:

You should be careful of a software known as Strong Malware Defender, for it’s a rogue utility. That’s to say, it can do nothing useful for your computer safeguard. Another reason is that it’s the follower of Home Malware Cleaner and Smart Anti-Malware Protection both of which are rogue utilities. Strong Malware Defender always shows you bogus infection alerts and tris to convince computer users to purchase its full version to delete all the dangers which are showed to you via its scanning. How can Strong Malware Defender enter into the PC? It is through a drive-by-download, or via certain blackhat SEO tactics, for example, when you are surfing, you are forced to go through another webpage which you don’t expect, this is owning to a Trojan horses. As soon as Strong Malware Defender gets in, the pest will take control of your machine, and insert new Registry items to change the system setup. That is to say, Strong Malware Defender can launch its harmful actions once the PC is running. Strong Malware Defender usually uses its malicious scanner to check your machine and then displays a lot of threat detections. You will be informed about various parasites, such as Trojans, adware and worms. Though they seem to be real and terrible, just remember that they do not exist in the system. These are the tricks used by Strong Malware Defender to rip off its victims. It aims to persuade you to buy its useless full version.
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